Digital Downloads

How do I order digital downloads?
In your gallery, click the blue “Buy” button, and then choose “Buy Gallery Download.” From there, complete the checkout process, and you’ll have your downloads ready in no time!

What do I get when I order digital downloads?
We’ll prepare a ZIP file (almost any computer can open this file type) of all your full resolution files (as JPEG files). You may download this ZIP file as many times as you like for ten days. You’ll need to contact us if you need to download your photos again after ten days pass.

Can I print my files? Share them online?
Yes and yes! You can do anything with your photos that you could do with digital photos you took yourself. We can also send you a print release with your photos (just email us) in case a lab you use requires one.

Will my photos have a watermark?

What if I want to order downloads for more than one child or from more than one meet?
It’s easy! We charge $60 for all your photos from a given meet, regardless of number of events or children photographed. If you made reservations for more than one race at a meet, just click the “Buy” button in one child’s gallery. Then, when we process your download order, we’ll automatically check for any siblings photographed at the same meet and add their downloads to your order free of charge.

Is my order secure?
Of course! SmugMug uses industry-leading encryption and security measure to make sure that your financial information remains secure.

I still have some questions. / I still need some help!
No worries! Send us an email at, and we’ll take care of you right away!